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    Woven Patches

    If your design has tiny text and a lot of details that are difficult to capture in an embroidery patch due to size limitations than Woven patches are ideal for you to acquire even the tiny design details clearly and accurately. Woven patches look perfectly smooth and have a smooth texture. Customers that want a patch with tiny letters and fine pattern would prefer woven patches because of their snugly weave pattern and flat texture. Since there is no basic fabric the thread motifs are woven into the cloths using a light weave the ultimate result is a high resolution final article which renders woven patches perfect for designs that require fine details work to be achieved. If patch you desire has small text with a lot of details a woven patch might be the perfect approach. Woven patches are smaller and can ordinary be crafted with any type of backing and any color of thread your manufacture has woven patch.

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    Woven Labels

    Woven labels are durable fabric pieces used for branding and identification in the apparel industry. Customizable with logos, text, and designs, they add a professional touch to clothing and accessories. With their softness and comfort, they ensure a pleasant experience for the wearer. Versatile and easy to apply, they can be used on various products. Woven labels are known for their longevity, maintaining their integrity after repeated washing and wear. Overall, they play a vital role in enhancing the aesthetic appeal, establishing brand recognition, and conveying product quality in the fashion industry

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