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    Embroidery Patches & Uses

    Embroidery patches are one of the most often used patch types worldwide and are a great way to give your clothes a personalized touch. Unlike woven patches, which have a backing made of fabric, embroidery patches have strong stitching.

    Felt and twill emerge as the prevalent materials of choice. Easily attachable to caps, bags, jackets, or any fabric, these patches provide a classic and retro aesthetic. With a selection of over 1000 colors, these patches find widespread use in various industries.

    Typical Use of Embroidery Patch:

    There are several uses for embroidery patches. It seems that the most significant is

    Branding patches:are patches that include both a brand name and a logo on them. Typically, upscale winter coats include it.

    Skill patches:Skill patches are used in many different contexts, such as the police, military, and scouting, among others.

    Group identity patches:are used to identify specific groups, including the Police Corps and NASA missions.

    Types of Embroidery Patches

    Iron On Patch

    An iron-on patch is any type of patch, including embroidered patches, that is attached to a surface using a heat-seal backing. Iron-on patches are extensively utilized in numerous industries.They have an edge over other patches because of their iron-on capability and ease of surface adhesion.

    Morale Patch

    A military insignia embellished with humorous artwork and phrases is called a morale patch. It is intended to provide military soldiers with a sense of pride and can also be used to identify a specific unit, like a brigade or division.

    Military Patch

    Military patches are worn all across the world, not just in the United States. They are essential in identifying your military service's branch of service, particular deployments, and specialized duties. In addition, military patches are frequently worn to indicate rank on the right side.

    Police Patch

    Law enforcement officers, including beat cops, sheriffs, and highway patrol personnel, frequently wear police patches. Positioned on the shoulders, these patches are prominently visible to the public.

    Pet Patch

    Pet patches offer a unique and attractive means to showcase your love for animals. The majority of these patches are crafted as 100% embroidery patches, featuring a cut-to-shape design.

    Disney Patches

    Put Disney patches on your uniform to make it unique. These strong embroidered patches are made to resist even the most severe abrasions in any setting. It's always possible to add some Disney patches to your kids' clothes to make them appear happier.

    Animation Patch

    An animated patch is a fun and fashionable way to personalize your clothes, purses, and other belongings. They are a great option for gatherings or parties because they are easy to attach and remove. There are so many different designs that you can choose the perfect animated patch to make your day.

    Scout Patch

    The scout patch is a symbol of success in a variety of scouting activities. Our patches are perfect for both uniforms and campsites because they are made with high-quality embroidery and durable materials. These patches come in a variety of sizes and countless design possibilities, so they're guaranteed to stand out in your collection.

    Motorcycle Patch

    Explore our selection of motorcycle patches designed for choppers, bobbers, vintage motorcycles, and more. With a diverse range of styles available, you can discover the perfect patch for any occasion. Dive into the impressive collection of designs at Motorcycle Patch and hit the road in style!

    Sport Patch

    Sport patches are used for several purposes, such as honoring coaches, promoting team spirit, and celebrating athletes. They are usually purchased as embroidered patches that display the logos of the teams or leagues.

    Sew-On Patch

    Sew-on patch patches, which frequently include a plastic backing for tight installation, are a great way to personalize your clothes and accessories. They are more durable than iron-on or peel-and-stick patches because of the stitching.

    Jacket Back Patches

    A blazer adorned with a school team patch, and a leather patch tailored for motorcycles. We've crafted numerous patches for diverse jacket styles, ensuring they enhance the aesthetic of the back of a jacket or vest, regardless of simplicity or intricacy.

    Select Your Custom Patch Shape

    Circle Shape Patch

    4 point shield Patch

    6 Point shield Patch

    Rounded Rectangular Patch

    Oval Shape Patch

    Star Shape Patch

    Octagon Shape Patch


    Bar Shape Patch

    Chevron Classic Patch

    Rhombus Shape Patch

    Custom Shape

    Design and Customize Your Own Chenille Patches

    What is 50% , 75% and 100% Embroidery?

    50 % percent embroidered patches have embroidery that covers 50 percent or less of the twill backing’s surface area. Mostly use for simple designs where less detail is required.  Like name patches etc.


    75% embroidered patches are those where more than 50% but less than or equal to 75% of twill area is embroidered. Patches with 75% embroidery allow for larger and more centered embroidery design elements. The distinction between the height of the twill backing and the texture is filled by embroidered area details.


    The 100% Embroidered Patches are our highest-quality patch, and the customer chooses the thread color for the entire patch, which does not have any visible twill.


    Patches with 100% embroidered backings have thread covering the entire twill patch backing. Because of its exceptional quality and appearance, this style of patch is one of the most popular options available at Las Vegas Custom Patches.


    50% Embroidery


    75% Embroidery


    100% Embroidery

    Embroidery Patches Prices Direct from the Factory

    Select Your Patch Base Material


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    Where we can use custom embroidery patches?

    Embroidery patches can be attached to various items, such as clothing, bags, hats, or uniforms, to add a personalized touch.

    How are custom embroidery patches made?

    Custom embroidery patches are made using a combination of modern technology and skilled craftsmanship. The design is first digitized into a computerized embroidery file, which guides the embroidery machine to stitch the design onto a piece of fabric or felt. The fabric is then cut into the desired shape and finished with a backing material for easier attachment.

    What is the minimum order quantity for custom embroidery patches?

    The cost of your patches decreases as the quantity increases. We have a minimum order quantity of 10 patches, but to obtain a more favorable price, it is recommended to order at least 100 patches.

    What is the typical turnaround time for custom embroidery patches?

    The time it takes to complete custom embroidery patches can vary based on factors like design complexity. We aim to dispatch orders within 7 days after sample approval, and the entire process usually takes between 10-13 working days.

    How should I attach custom embroidery patches to my garments or other items?

    Custom embroidery patches can be attached using various methods, including sewing, ironing (for iron-on patches), Velcro baking or using adhesive backing etc. The choice of attachment method depends on the type of patch and the fabric/material you want to attach it to. Sewing is generally the most secure option.

    Can I remove or transfer custom embroidery patches?

    Yes, custom embroidery patches can be removed from one item and transferred to another, especially if they are sewn on. Iron-on patches may lose their adhesive properties after removal, but they can often be reattached using fabric glue or by sewing. Adhesive-backed patches may not be reusable after removal.

    What is the number of colors that I can select without incurring any additional charges?

    We provide up to 9 colors for free with no additional charge. If you choose to use more than 9 colors for your patch, there will be a fee of $0.10 per additional color.