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Explore Custom Leather Patches for a Timeless Identity

Enjoy the pinnacle of style with Custom Leather Patches, which are made to up your style ante. Our elegantly and precisely crafted monogrammed leather patches add a unique touch to your clothes and accessories. Discover a variety of patterns and textures, all of which have a classic elegance.

Experience the superior craftsmanship that characterizes our custom leather patches, which guarantee longevity and a striking appearance. These patches serve as a testament to tasteful design, whether you use them for branding, personal expression, or to accentuate your clothing. Use Custom Leather Patches to rewrite the story of your wardrobe: they combine timeless style with artistic flair.

Material Use

Our Leather patches are made with real leather and synthetic leather likewise. Depending on customer need and use we can always recommend better option.

Design and Customize Your Own PVC Patches

Our Made Leather Patches



Transform your hats into personalized masterpieces with carefully placed patches. Opt for classic charm by affixing a patch at the front, experiment with asymmetry on the side, or add flair along the brim. Patches provide a unique touch, allowing you to turn your hat into a distinctive style statement.



Infuse your backpack with personality using strategically placed patches. Whether on the front pocket for a classic touch, along the straps for a modern look, or creatively arranged on the main body, patches offer a customizable way to express your unique style and make your backpack stand out.



Patches positioned just right can elevate the look of your garment. Whether it’s a bold statement on the back, an artistic patch on the sleeves, or a patch on the chest, you can go for classic appeal. With patches, you can easily add a personal touch to your jacket and turn it into a distinctive method to show off your unique style.

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