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    Explore Our PVC Patches for Customized Style

    PVC patches are made of a sturdy, rubber-like substance that is intended to outlast traditional embroidery patches. Their special chemical qualities are what give them their resilience and waterproofness. PVC patches come in a wide range of colors and provide a unique feel and appearance that embroidered patches just can't match. Tailor-made to suit any kind of weather, these usually three-dimensional patches give your design a lively and eye-catching look. Nowadays, PVC patches are easily obtained and offer a flexible choice for a range of uses.

    How PVC Patch are Made?

    Colored soft PVC is poured into molds or dies to create PVC patches. Every variation in size or pattern will need the creation of a new mold. For the most part A new metal mold must be developed if you wish to produce a smaller version of the same design. Molds are typically made of metal and are laser cut using CNC machines. A distinct and exquisite patch is produced as a result of each layer being joined to the one before it. Depending entirely on one's requirements, PVC patches are available in a wide range of dimensions, sizes, and forms. To create a mold, an artwork with all specifications is required beforehand.

    Borders and Colors for Customized Designs

    During the manufacturing process, a bespoke PVC patch provides a wide range of colors and border patterns. Gradients are not used because solid colors are used regularly. Almost all PVC patch types have a recessed channel designed for sewing, unless the client chooses an adhesive backing.

    Explore Endless Options to Customize Your PVC Patch

    Customizable Shape and Thickness


    Truly, there are no restrictions on the size or shape of your custom PVC patches; it’s entirely based on your preferences and creativity. The dimensions of your design influence the cost, but our patches can be crafted in various shapes, sizes, and thicknesses due to their soft, flexible rubber composition. The thickness and size depend on the patch’s intended use. At Las Vegas Patches, we can create artwork as small as 0.5 inches and as large as 18 inches. Thickness is also customizable, ranging from 1 to 4 mm, with a standard thickness of 2.5 mm for a typical 2.75-inch patch. However, we collaborate with you to determine the most suitable specifications for your brand’s overall design.

    What’s the difference between 2D & 3D PVC patch?

    2D Patch

    When we talk about a 2-Dimensional PVC patch, we are referring to a patch with two or more flat layers that lack rounded edges or curved contours when viewed from the side. This 2D effect is ideal for clear and straightforward designs, logo patches with vibrant color variations, and situations where raised and recessed ridges enhance the overall visual appeal of your artwork.

    3D Patch

    A 3-Dimensional PVC patch is a patch with two or more layers that, when viewed from the side, features one or more levels with concave shapes on top, creating the illusion of roundness or curvature. This approach allows objects in your artwork to exhibit more lifelike features, as the raised and recessed areas are not solid. The 3D technique is perfect for adding greater detail and achieving a rounded or sculpted effect.

    Design and Customize Your Own Embroidery PVC Patches

    PVC Colors Option

    Select Colors

    What is the number of colors in your design? Choose between a design with 12 colors or just one color.

    Our Best Custom Patches

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    What are PVC patches made of?

    PVC patches are made from a soft and flexible polyvinyl chloride material. The material allows for intricate designs and 3D-like effects, making them popular for various applications.

    How are PVC patches attached to clothing or accessories?

    PVC patches can be attached using various methods, including sewing, heat-sealing, or using hook-and-loop fasteners. They are durable and stay securely in place once attached.

    Are PVC patches weather-resistant?

    Yes, PVC patches are highly weather-resistant and can withstand exposure to rain, sunlight, and harsh conditions. This makes them suitable for outdoor use on gear and apparel.

    Can PVC patches be customized with logos or designs?

    Absolutely! PVC patches can be fully customized with logos, artwork, text, and unique designs. They offer a wide range of color options to match specific branding needs.

    What are common uses for PVC patches?

    PVC patches are commonly used for branding and promoting businesses, on military gear, sports apparel, backpacks, and as collectible items or souvenirs. They provide a durable and eye-catching way to add personalization and style to various items.