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PVC Patches

PVC are made of rubber like material design to last longer than our casual embroidery patches. These patches are water proof and long lasting due to its chemical properties. PVC patches are available in a wide range of colors and can give your design a look and feel that embroidery Patch cannot have. PVC patches are custom made and can tolerate any sort of weather. These patches, which are generally 3D, give your design a more dynamic and appealing look. PVC patches are now available practically everywhere.

How PVC Patch are Made?

PVC patch is made by pouring colored soft PVC into molds or dies. A fresh mold will be created for each different size or design. Mostly Molds are often made of metal and laser cut by CNC machine, and if you want to make a smaller version of the same design, you'll need to create a new metal mold. Each layer is attached to the one before it, resulting in a unique, and beautiful patch. PVC patches come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and dimensions which totally depends on one needs. An artwork before with all specification will be needed to produce mold.

Borders and Colors

A custom PVC patch can be manufactured in a wide range of colors and border patterns. Solid colors are always use during manufacturing hence no gradients are involve. Recessed channel is created for sewing in almost all varieties of PVC patches unless customer prefer to have adhesive backing.

Now customize your PVC Patch

Customizable Shape and Thickness


Really, there are no limitations on the size or shape of your own PVC patches. It depends on your preferences and imagination. The height and width of your design will drive the cost. 


Our patches can be made in any shape and in a variety of sizes and thicknesses because they are made from soft, elastic rubber. Depending on the usage of patch thickness and size are determined. At Las Vegas Patches we can   We can produce artwork as tiny as 0.5 inch and as large as 18 inch.  Depending on what would work best for your brand, the thickness is also scalable, coming in a range of sizes between 1 and 4 mm. Our typical thickness is 2.5 mm for a typical 2.75 “Nevertheless, we will collaborate with you to choose the most appropriate logo for your overall design.

What’s the difference between 2D & 3D PVC patch?

2D Patch

When we refer to a 2-Dimensional PVC patch, we mean one that has two or more layers (or levels), each of which appears flat from the side and lacks any rounded edges or curved contours. This 2D effect is fantastic for clear, straightforward designs, logo patches with a variety of brilliant color hues, and other instances when the raised and recessed ridges enhance the overall appearance of your artwork.

3D Patch

A 3-Dimensional PVC patch is a patch that can have two or more layers (or levels) that, when viewed from the side, has one or more levels with concave shapes on top of the layers, giving the impression that it is rounded or curving. The objects in your artwork can take on more lifelike features because the raises and recessions are not solid. Greater detail that a rounded or sculpted effect helps to generate can be added with the 3D approach perfectly.

Our custom PVC Patch Backing

Most Used Backing

PVC Patches are most durable and almost Everlasting Patch.

PVC Colors Option

Select Colors

How many Colors are there in your Design? Select from a Single Color to a Design with 12 Colors.

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