Best custom Jacket back patches

Custom Jacket Back patches

Custom Jacket back patches are more than just a patch; they are narratives that may be worn. Consider the denim jacket you wear as a canvas, a spot where you may convey your story. An individual’s back patch conveys a great deal of information about their identity, regardless of whether they are a rebel who is fighting for a cause, a music enthusiast who has lyrics engraved into their soul, or a sports fanatic who cheers for their team.

Traditional Types of Custom Jacket Back Patches

When it comes to large back patches, chenille and embroidered patches are the most traditional and commonly used options. They offer a classic look and feel that stands out on any jacket.

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Chenille Jacket back Patch

Do you remember those legendary varsity jackets? Yes, we are talking about the ones that have chenille patches and bold lettering. Chenille thrives in situations like these. It is like the transformation of caterpillar fur into art. These patches celebrate accomplishments and the spirit of the team, inspiring feelings of nostalgia.

Texture and Look

Chenille patches are tufted, velvety fabric that gives a plush, soft touch to the design. Chenille patches are produced from an acrylic yarn featuring soft and fluffy texture. These patches are often used for the purpose of showing huge letters or numbers, and they are commonly used in academic and sports clubs. Chenille patches are visually appealing because to their fluffy texture and three-dimensional appearance.


  • Soft and plush texture
  • Eye-catching and bold
  • Available in various colors and sizes

Best For:

  • Large letters and numbers
  • Team names
  • Mascots and logos


  1. Single Felt Chenille patches
  2. Double Felt Chenille Patches
  3. Chenille – Chain stitch Patch
  4. Chenille- Embroidery stitch Patch

Single Felt Chenille Patches

Single felt chenille patches feature a single layer of felt fabric as the base for the chenille stitching. This felt layer provides a stable and durable foundation for the plush, textured chenille design. The primary advantage of using a single felt layer is its simplicity and ease of application, making it a cost-effective option for creating eye-catching patches. The single felt base supports the chenille yarn, ensuring the patch maintains its shape and structure over time. These patches are commonly used on varsity jackets, sports uniforms, and fashion apparel, offering a classic and timeless look with the right balance of texture and durability.

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Double Felt Chenille Patches

Double felt chenille patches, on the other hand, incorporate two layers of felt fabric, enhancing both the durability and visual appeal of the patch. The first felt layer serves as the primary background, while the second layer adds an additional border or outline, creating a multi-dimensional effect. This dual-layer structure not only strengthens the patch but also allows for more intricate and detailed designs. The extra felt layer provides an opportunity for color contrast and textural depth, making the patch more visually striking. Double felt chenille patches are ideal for applications where the patch will undergo frequent use and where a more detailed design is desired, such as on varsity jackets, team uniforms, and high-end fashion items.

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Chenille – Chain stitch Patch

A chenille patch featuring both chenille stitch and chain stitch combines the best of both techniques to create a visually stunning and durable design. The chenille stitch adds a plush, textured feel that stands out boldly, perfect for large letters or numbers. Complementing this, the chain stitch brings in fine, elegant detailing, outlining and accentuating the main elements with precision. This blend of stitches offers a unique patch that is not only eye-catching but also rich in texture and detail, making it ideal for varsity jackets, sports uniforms, and fashion apparel.

Chenille – Embroidered stitch Patch

A chenille patch featuring both chenille stitch and embroidery stitch offers a dynamic blend of textures and details. The chenille stitch provides a soft, plush texture that is perfect for creating bold, standout elements such as letters and mascots. Complementing this, the embroidery stitch brings in precise, intricate detailing which is hard to capture with Chenille or chain stitch due stitch size and it enhances the overall design with fine lines and patterns. This combination results in a visually appealing and durable patch that adds a rich, multidimensional quality to varsity jackets, sports uniforms, and fashion apparel, making the patch both eye-catching and versatile.

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Backing for chenille Patch

All patches can be either sew on or Iron-on depending on customer need.

Jacket Back Embroidered Patches

There is a significant difference between embroidered jacket back patches and their counterparts. They can accommodate delicate details and comes in classic and lasting charm. This patch has a long and illustrious history, and it continues to enjoy widespread popularity. In addition, you have access to a huge selection of thread colours, with more than 750 shades available at Best Custom Patches to pick from. They can be made in various shapes and sizes, allowing for a high level of customization


  • Highly detailed designs
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Classic and traditional look

Best For:

  • Logos and crests
  • Detailed artwork
  • Commemorative designs

Backing for Custom Embroidered Jacket Back Patches:

when it comes to custom embroidery patches for the back of jackets, we have a few options for attaching them:

  1. Iron-On Backing: You can use heat to attach the patch to the jacket. It’s easy and quick.
  2. Sew-On Backing: This involves stitching the patch directly onto the fabric. It’s durable but takes more effort.
  3. Adhesive Backing: Sticky adhesive holds the patch in place. It’s convenient but not as long-lasting.
  4. Plastic Backing: This maintains the patch’s shape. It’s commonly used.
  5. Velcro Backing: However, due to the large size of the patch, Velcro backing isn’t recommended.

Feel free to choose the method that suits your needs!

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Think about the details of your design when picking between chenille patches and stitching patches. Chenille patches stand out because they are fluffy, making them perfect for simple patterns. On the other hand, embroidery patches are great for complex designs because they can pick up on small details and come in many colour shades. On top of that, stitching patches last longer and keep their look over time. Chose based on what you want and how much details you need.