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Custom Hat Patch

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Custom Letterman Patch

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Custom Shoe Patch

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Embroidery Patch

woven patch

Woven Patch

sublimation patch

Sublimation Patch

pvc patch

PVC Patch

Explore Custom Patches Types

embroidery patch

Embroidery Patch

The most timeless and universally embraced patch among all variations. Renowned for its iconic ability to enhance and adorn any object, this patch is crafted from fabric and meticulously composed of over 700 threads, resulting in an enticing texture. Additionally, it incorporates unique threads such as Neon, Glow in the Dark, and Metallic, elevating its visual appeal.

Mostly Uses

  • Shirt/Jacket Customization
  • Hat Embellishments
  • Branding & Marketing
  • Fashion & Accessories
PVC patch

PVC Patch

If you seek robust resilience, our PVC patches are constructed from a lightweight, pliable material reminiscent of rubber. This water-resistant material can endure extreme temperatures, both hot and cold. Elegant yet durable, it’s an ensemble designed for longevity! ⁣

Mostly Uses

  • Military and Morale Patches
  • Outdoor Gear and Apparel
  • Branding and Promotional Items
  • Team and Sports Patches

Chenille Patch

There’s nothing quite as appealing as a plush chenille patch gracing a jacket. Our personalized Chenille patches boast a sleek, velvety 3D appearance. Crafted from high-quality looped yarn, these patches can be tailor-made to suit your design requirements. Chenille patches prove to be an excellent choice for sizable graphics, particularly when intricate details are kept to a minimum.

Mostly Uses

  • Varsity / Letterman Jackets
  • Club/Organization Merchandise
  • Athletic Apparel
  • Fashion and Accessories
Print patch

Sublimation Patch

Tailor-made patches with a fabric backing can undergo digital or screen printing processes, utilizing colored inks to produce gradients and intricate, attention-grabbing designs. Offering a broader spectrum of color options, these patches are thinner compared to their embroidered counterparts. The result is a sleek, level, and neat aesthetic.

Mostly Uses

  • Uniforms & Team Apparel
  • Event Merchandise
  • Branding & Promotional Items
  • Fashion & Accessories
Bullion patch

Bullion Patch

Crafted with precision, these luxurious patches exude sophistication, incorporating fine bullion wire in silver, copper, and gold. Meticulously embroidered by skilled artisans, these patches achieve an elegant aesthetic through a blend of vibrant silk threads on twill or felt material.

Mostly Uses

  • High-End Fashion & Luxury Brands
  • Military & Law Enforcement
  • Ceremonial & Formal Attire
  • Embellishments for Accessories
leather patch

Leather Patch

Emblazoned with your unique design, leather patches infuse style and individuality into jackets, hats, bags, or other apparel items to which they are affixed. Constructed from both synthetic and genuine leather, these patches present a robust, earth-toned texture, ensuring resilience against everyday wear and tear.

Mostly Uses

  • Branding and Logo Display
  • Hat & Bags
  • Apparel Embellishments
  • Corporate Gifts
Chain stitch patch

Chain Stich Patch

Stitching embodies a timeless style, and a chain stitch patch employs an embroidery method in which a sequence of interconnected stitches is meticulously sewn to create a chain-like pattern. To enhance durability, a specialized thread is utilized, comprising a combination of 50% natural wool and 50% acrylic.

Mostly Uses

  • Custom Designs
  • Personalized Gifts
  • Fashion & Apparel
  • Branding & Merchandising
Applique patch

Applique Patch

Appliqué patches are unique and creative pieces that customize clothes, bags, and crafts. They use different fabrics to create textured designs, making items stand out. With endless possibilities, these patches offer a fun and personal touch to any project.

Mostly Uses

  • Quilting and Sewing Projects
  • Clothing Embellishment
  • Children’s Apparel and Accessories
  • Personalized Gifts
Woven patch

Woven Patch

Woven patches possess a sleek texture when contrasted with embroidered patches, featuring intricate details in a thin yet robust finish. They are particularly well-suited for designs that entail small text and delicate elements, which may be challenging with a traditional embroidered patch.

Mostly Uses

  • Branding & Promotional Items
  • Collectibles & Souvenirs
  • School & Club Identification
  • Hats and Bags


We Manufacture Custom Patches With The Highest Quality And Unbeatable Prices

Quality Guarantee

Quality Guarantee

We maintain a specialized quality control department that meticulously examines every order, ensuring it aligns with our quality standards and meets customer satisfaction.

Lowest Price

Lowest Price

We provide highly competitive pricing for all our patches, maintaining our commitment to quality standards. New customers can enjoy discounts of up to 15% during the checkout process.

Unlimited Modifications

Unlimited Modifications

Las Vegas custom patches offer limitless options for customization and modification. You can request adjustments until the production process commences.

Quick turnaround

Quick turnaround

Pre-production samples are typically completed within a 12-36 hour timeframe. Standard delivery takes approximately 7-13 business days, while rush orders can be fulfilled within 5-7 business days.

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