Iron On Backing

Iron on Backing- How to Attach Iron-On Backed patches to garments?

Attaching an iron-on backing custom patches involves a straightforward process it is a simple and effective way to secure them to various items. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you properly attach iron-on backed patch to various items.

Material need

  • Patch with iron on backing: Your embroidered patches with iron-on backing attached.
  • Iron / heat press Machine: Ensure it is clean and in good working condition.
  • Heat press Sheet / Fabric Optional: But recommended to protect the patches and the heat press.
  • Garment or Item: The surface onto which you want to affix the patches.

Steps to Heat Press Iron-On Backed Patches:

  1. Preheat the Heat Press Machine:

Turn on the heat press machine and set it to the recommended temperature for the type of fabric you’ll be pressing the patches onto or alternatively, you can also use a household iron too. Different fabrics have different heat tolerances, and it’s essential to use a temperature that is suitable for the specific material. Here are some general guidelines:


Recommended Temperature: 270-330°F (132-165°C)

Note: Cotton is a commonly used fabric, and the recommended temperature range is suitable for most cotton-based materials.


Recommended Temperature: 270-300°F (132-149°C)

Note: Polyester fabrics can be sensitive to high heat, so it’s advisable to use a lower temperature within this range.

Cotton/Polyester Blends:

Recommended Temperature: 270-330°F (132-165°C)

Note: Use a temperature suitable for the fabric with the highest heat tolerance in the blend.


Recommended Temperature: 300-325°F (149-163°C)

Note: Wool can be more delicate, so it’s essential to use a lower temperature and be cautious during the heat pressing process.


Recommended Temperature: 260-300°F (127-149°C)

Note: Nylon fabrics can melt at higher temperatures, so it’s crucial to use a lower setting within this range.

  1. Arrange Your Patches:

Position your iron-on backed patches on the garment or item where you want them to be pressed. Make sure they are evenly spaced and aligned as desired.

  1. Cover with a Teflon Sheet:

Optionally, you can cover the patches with a Teflon sheet to provide an additional layer of protection during the heat press process as well as for household iron.

  1. Press the Patches:

Carefully place the upper platen of the heat press machine over the patches, applying even pressure. Press down for the recommended duration approximately 25-30 seconds specified for the type of iron-on backing material.

 Apply heat to the back: (Highly recommended)

Turn garment inside-out and place the hot iron on the back of the patch, directly over the design, for about 30 seconds to ensure secure adhesion of the patch to the garment.

  1. Allow to Cool:

After the pressing time is complete, lift the upper platen and carefully remove the Teflon sheet (if used). Allow the patches to cool for a few seconds.

  1. Test Adhesion:

Before handling the garment or item too much, test the adhesion of the patches by gently trying to peel off a corner. If they are firmly attached, you’re good to go.

  1. Final Check:

Ensure that all patches are securely adhered to the garment or item. If any corners are lifting, repeat the heat press / Iron process

  1. Cool Completely:

Allow the garment or item to cool completely before wearing or handling extensively.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully heat pressed iron-on backed patches onto your chosen item. Now, you can proudly showcase your personalized creations with confidence.