11 best selling embroidery patches in 2024

Selling embroidery patches has always been a lucrative business, making it a great side hustle alongside your full-time job. Custom embroidery patches not only have a classic look but are also some of the most versatile patches available. Today, we will showcase our top 9 custom embroidery patches that you can sell online or in your local store. These patches have been carefully identified through extensive research, utilizing various tools that analyse search volume and engagement. Whether you’re looking to boost your existing business or start a new venture, these top picks are sure to be a hit!

Where Can We Sell Embroidery Patches?

You can sell embroidery patches on many different platforms. Some might charge a small fee to list your items. There are both global platforms and local websites where you can sell.

Popular global platforms include Etsy, eBay, and Amazon. These sites have millions of buyers and sellers, so there is a lot of competition, but you can still find ways to succeed.

You can also sell on local marketplaces, craft fairs, and social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook Marketplace. By selling in different places, you can reach more people and increase your sales.

Another great option is to create your own website. This gives you full control over how you showcase and sell your patches without competing directly with others on bigger platforms.

11 bestselling embroidery patches in 2024

Shriner Embrodiery Patches

Custom Shriner Embroidery Patch

Shriner embroidery patches are a popular choice among Shriners, a fraternal organisation noted for its charitable work and community involvement. These patches sometimes include detailed designs, such as the Shriners’ trademark fez hat, scimitar, and star emblems. They are commonly worn on jackets, vests, and hats to demonstrate membership and pride in the organisation. Shriner patches are in high demand among collectors and members due to their detailed craftsmanship and extensive history.

Falcon Embroidery Patches

Custom Falcon Embroidery Patches

Falcon embroidered patches are ideal for demonstrating strength, agility, and acute vision. These patches frequently include a stunning image of a falcon in flight or perching, which represents power and freedom. They are popular among bird lovers, sports teams, and organisations that identify with the falcon’s traits. Falcon embroidered patches, with their detailed designs and brilliant colours, may make a statement on coats, purses, hats, and uniforms, bringing a touch of elegance and fierceness to any item.

Bear embroidery Patches

Custom Bear Embroidery Patches

Bear embroidery patches are popular for their symbols of strength, courage, and wilderness. These patches frequently show detailed representations of bears, ranging from realistic to stylized or comical designs. They are popular with outdoor enthusiasts, scouts, nature lovers, and sports teams. Bear patches may give a rugged and adventurous touch to jackets, backpacks, helmets, and uniforms, making them a versatile and appealing option for anybody wishing to show off their connection to nature and toughness.

Micky Mouse Embrodiery Patches

Custom Mickey Mouse Embroidery Patches

Mickey Mouse embroidery patches are popular among Disney lovers of all ages. These patches, featuring the popular figure accepted for his joyful nature and ageless appeal, are available in a variety of styles, including classic stances and themed ensembles. They’re ideal for bringing a sense of nostalgia and fun to apparel, backpacks, headgear, and more. Whether you are a lifetime Disney fan or simply enjoy the charm of Mickey Mouse, these patches are a fun way to personalise your things and show off your passion for one of history’s most renowned cartoon characters.

Harry Potter Custom Embroidery Patches

Custom Harry Potter Embroidery Patches

Harry Potter embroidery patches are a fantastic touch that will sell out quickly. These patches include iconic symbols and characters from the beloved wizarding world, making them appealing to fans of all ages. Harry Potter patches let you proudly exhibit your house pride or favourite characters on clothing, backpacks, hats, and other items. With their international appeal and nostalgic charm, these patches are sure to fly off the shelves and fascinate customers eager to bring a little magic into their daily lives.

Goth Custom embroidery Patches

Custom Goth Embroidery Patches

Goth embroidered patches are a remarkable way to show individualism and dark aesthetics. These patches frequently incorporate gothic symbols such as skulls, bats, occult patterns, and delicate lace designs. They target to lovers of gothic fashion, music subcultures, and alternative lifestyles. Goth patches are ideal for adding a mysterious and edgy edge to clothing, bags, and accessories, allowing you to express your individual style and appreciation for the darker side of art and society. Goth embroidered patches, with their strong designs and niche appeal, will fascinate anyone looking to make a fashion statement.

Miltary embroidery patch

Custom Military Embroidery Patches

Military embroidery patches are in high demand and will remain so indefinitely. These patches represent service and honour, and may include insignias, flags, unit emblems, or rank designs. They are cherished by veterans, active-duty people, and military fans alike, and can be found proudly displayed on uniforms, jackets, hats, and backpacks. Military patches, with their rich history and precise craftsmanship, are not just accessories, but also symbols of pride and respect. Whether you’re recognising service, showing support, or collecting military history, these patches will remain a meaningful option for years to come.

Service Dog embroidery Patches

Custom Service Dog Embroidery Patches

Service dog embroidery patches are in high demand and will undoubtedly sell well. These patches include key identifiers such as paw prints or service dog insignia, which are critical for identifying trained support animals in public places. They are commonly worn on vests or harnesses to clearly express the dog’s role and ensure correct respect and access privileges. With their practicality and tremendous value for those who rely on service dogs, these patches are in high demand and are predicted to sell out rapidly.

Skull embroidery Patches

Custom Skull Embroidery Patches

Skull embroidered patches are a bold choice with a high potential for sales. These patches frequently have detailed skull designs, ranging from realistic to artistic versions. Skull patches are popular among gothic fashion fans, motorcyclists, and people who enjoy the edgy and macabre. They offer a distinct and rebellious flair to clothing, luggage, and accessories.
Skull embroidered patches have the potential to be a great seller due to their versatility and ability to appeal to a broad audience interested in alternative aesthetics. Whether you add them to your personal collection or sell them to a specific market, these patches provide both visual impact and possible money.

John deere Embroidery patches

Custom John Deere Embroidery Patches

John Deere embroidery patches are a must for lovers of the legendary agricultural brand. These patches frequently include the iconic green and yellow colours, as well as the iconic John Deere logo or tractor designs. John Deere patches are popular among farmers, agricultural machinery lovers, and collectors. They represent a devotion to quality and legacy in farming equipment.

John Deere patches are ideal for adding a touch of rural charm to apparel, hats, handbags, and other items. They appeal to a wide range of agricultural and outdoor enthusiasts. With their great brand recognition and dedicated following, these patches are not only decorative but also sentimental for individuals who cherish John Deere’s past. Whether you’re displaying your farming passion or marketing to a certain market, John Deere embroidery patches will pique clients’ interest and appreciation, making them a promising sales item.

Music Embroidery Patches

Custom Music Embroidery Patches

Music embroidered patches are a combination of style and personality. These patches frequently include musical notes, instruments like guitars or pianos, and iconic artwork from music genres like as rock, jazz, and punk. They appeal to musicians, music enthusiasts, and fans who want to express their love for music in a unique way.

Music patches are ideal for adding a personal touch to daily goods such as jackets, backpacks, and instrument cases. They appeal to a wide audience, from performers to spectators, making them an excellent choice for anyone who enjoys music. With their bright colours and emotional resonance, music embroidery patches have the ability to connect with clients and become a popular item for sale.

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